Rollerbum Disco Stool

All Spikes and Batman Ears. I had a not so hilarious time showing this in the original 100% Design Exhibition in 1995 in a tent at the top of the Kings Road. An Aussie came around the corner onto my stand and sat on a Rollerbum Stool.They are so called as the sitting area is filled up with ball races that bob up and down and revolve as you shake your booty. I was on the other one and we chatted and he asked if his wife could give it a go. Unknowingly I said fine and Ten Ton Tessy came wobbling round the corner. I just thought "Shit, it will never hold and we are about to have a major bloodbath on the beige carpet!". It was an anxious few minutes but thankfully our joinery stood up.

We had an absolutely fab day celebrating our Silver Jubilee at Alton Towers. Eight of us landed in and we owned the front row of Oblivion. "No Hands" Georgie pulled her usual, and Lee was rumoured to do the same but then went very white after AIR. It's just the best place for white knuckles.

I have been busy making 2 new pieces for The Celebration of Craftsmanship Exhibition at Cheltenham. If you would like a catalogue call Betty Norbury on 01242 238582. I will review them with photos at the next update.

The weather's great, the footy season is about to start and the big Roman is buying every decent player. Watch out Fergie, although I'm not sure how long Ranieri will last if there is a run of drawers. Andy King is talking up The Town like no tomorrow and you can buy the points at 65 (No thanks). I'm holding a 16/1 on Chelsea which will soon be worth laying. Have a great Summer.

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