Up Up and Away as we launch towards a New Year. The Light Cones are all the rage at the mo and we just cannot make them quick enough. It’s all down to the warmth of their hypnotic glow, like watching abstract paint failing to dry. Enough of the psycho babble. Martyn has just finished a lovely Diner Wave desk chair in blue leather and I am designing a dining table which doubles as a bar billiard’s type game called “Shunt”. I have nearly completed the model for a commemorative sculpture for a dear, departed mate called Conio who used to be my partner in Looner Land Skates Ltd. It’s an abstract work in a bit of Ebony, which we bought together in Germany in 1984, with some interweaving blades of steel cutting through it. We have got a fab commission for a unique Coffee Table held up with a stainless steel ring.

The Carnival was excellent this year. L B Stone dropped in for a week and played a great set on the night with only minimal assists. He is rocking the crowds in Clonakilty under the handle of “The Doktor” so if you are around Cork on a Friday night catch him live. Are Chelsea cruising or what? I ligged a freeby Bluebell seat to see last Saturday’s 4-0 destruction of Newcastle. Goody Yo Yo continues to be a muppet and they play a fair bit of Route 1 but just maybe the Quad is a possibility. We are off to see Swindon on Wednesday night and it will be a laugh to see if the Kingmeister continues with his usual overview of “that was the worst game I have ever seen”. As he is meant to be the boss you would have thought he might to something about it. We are hoping to have camel and chips on Christmas Day but so far the last minute deals are a bit touch and go.

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