Beyond the Gates and into the Light

A pair of Garden Gates with the 1996 Julia Set fractal pierced through. This crop circle appeared in the field next to Stonehenge in the middle of the afternoon in 1996. Ten years on the sceptics and the believers keep on talking and the shapes and intrigue keep on happening. It's great to be around and soaking it up. Spring is sprung and the workshop is back up to speed with Roy joining the team. Commissions have been coming in thick and fast and my two main projects, The Sphelix and The Oracle footy game, are nearing take-off. Exciting times so please have a look at It's a simple footy prediction game that is free to play, great fun and doles out prizes and free match tickets. Great that the Champions' League is restarting and 5 Brit teams are in the knockout stage. Since being given Sushi lessons as a Christmas present, I am rapidly turning Japanese. We are not rivalling Honda's canteen yet but a summer sashimi salad is a definite maybe. It has fired me up to design a range of sushi ware for the table.

Top of the Black Humour League at the mo is the very dead Anne Nicole Smith. Wiped out consuming a high octane mix, international liggers are landing into the Hawaii claiming to be the dad. The pot is a cool half billion, the lawyers by the truck full are delaying any DNA testing and A N Smith has decreed she wants embalming. The box party is to be full open cask with lift. Something to do with problems of closing the lid and wanting everyone to see her recently purchased couture funeral frock. To cap it all in the paternity stakes, the old man's frozen sperm, nicknamed "The Jar", has been priced up by a Vegas bookie as the 5/4 favourite. He is about to be exhumed to cross check the jar contents are his own. Forget Eastenders, this is real soap.

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