Since the New Year we have completed an excellent "Bridge Table" for a company boardroom in Devizes. It had to be fork lifted through the window on the top floor and like a fool, I said I'd be up for standing in the basket with Lee. 25ft off the ground, I got crucial vertigo and felt ghastly for a few hours. Pearlfisher, the London design consultancy have just commissioned a cool desk for their reception area.

Backgammon Table
Sycamore & Leather. The third generation 3ML design.
90cms x 65 x 50 high.

My Tricentre business with Anders Wisth in Sweden is progressing. We are at the stage of seeing some samples and I am hopeful of placing an order within the next 2 weeks. Martyn & Lee have been involved in taking some time off to build a massive skateboard ramp for my son, Charlie. It's a half pipe measuring 12ft across x 6ft high x 30ft long.

11 weeks to go before kick off in the World Cup. Please note that the workshops will be temporarily closed in the mornings from June 3rd - 26th. We will be here but watching it all on a large screen T.V. so the minds will not exactly be focused. Email is probably the best form of communication during the World Cup. Georgie and I have been allocated 2 tickets for the Semi's & Final, providing England go the distance. Big "if" but I'm looking for a new best friend in Tokyo with a room to rent.

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