New Shades to see beyond Camp X-Ray

It's a mirror in quilted maple with ebony claws that I've digitally messed with and reversed into negative. My entry for The Monument of The Immortals has gone the way of a Greek kebab. Lobbed out onto the cutting room floor. The exhibition "Art of Furniture" in Brummie's Gas Hall Museum was a top success with excellent sales. Well arranged, laid out and organised by Artifex Ltd, it had most of the top woodies strutting their stuff. Unfortunately during the breakdown Gareth Neal and I got stuck in the lift and had to escape via the emergency top hatch. Thank god Gareth was there as I got vertigo and had to be wet-nursed down.

We have loads on at the mo with some ace commissions and a better order book for our more commercial furniture. The ongoing collaborative, called Depth Charge is going well and I sold a pair of light cones and a "wobbler" sculpture at Wycombe Abbey during our second show. My new work involves a coffee table using a solar panel to power a couple of steel balls around a circuit within the frame of the table. I hope to show it at Betty Norbury's show in August.

On the footy front the mighty Robins continue on their thrust for Div 1 and full glory. We had a great night out watching them do over Tranmere, although I'd swear Mooney is trying to emulate Ronaldo in eating all the pies. The Porto coach's reaction to Man U's demise from Europe was a classic and so typical of Robbie Fowler to pick it up in their 4-1 thrashing in the local derby at the weekend. The stress on Fergie's new pacemaker must be immense. I'm not a Gooner but they do look bloody good at the mo. Latest Oracle positions are Charlie in the top slot with 52, Bill 51, Johnny and Martyn 46 and Lee out the back with 38.

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