I hope we have some snow this winter and I though this pic of my neon acrylic sculptures may encourage it. So much has happened, so much has changed that what we have been doing here has not felt very relevant. Corporate greed and the increasing level of hatred have somewhat depressed me.

My feelings at 100% Design this year were not as buoyant as usual. The show went well and we did some interesting business but after 7 years its starting to become too automatic. On the upside, we were at Old Trafford to see Beck's epic goal against Greece. It was crap football but the rollercoaster of emotions was exceptional. He truly is a modern day icon.

My work on The Sphelix is beginning to stride forward. Conceived and birthed with Dave Constable, it is The Popstar of all Shapes. It is a symbol of unity and joining which right now is hyper relevant. I saw the picture of my dreams the other day, it was Marino Marini's "Bright Lights in the Forest" painted in 1958. It was a breath of fresh air.

The workshop is busy making a lot of oak furniture and I'm exploring some sculptures using the "Quivering" action of compression springs. One of the highlights of 100% Design was people's reaction to "Before", which is featured in the Portfolio, September/October 2001. The greatest crack at the show was "How often do you have to feed it?" The reply being "Only on Tuesdays".

Happy Christmas to y'all.

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