Lazydays in hammock with neon acrylic screen

No more summer Siestas, the clocks have gone back, it’s pissing with rain and damp as hell so we took off to Marrakech for a special birthday. It’s a fantastic place. Top of the mini Tour was definitely The Marjorelle Gardens just outside the walled Medina. These were built by Jacques Marjorelle who was the son of Louis Marjorelle, all time king of art nouveau furniture and a bit of a woody hero. Recently owned by Yves Saint Laurent, it oozes style and colour.

In the workshop we have recently received a commission for a large half Sphelix sculpture in resin bronze to grace the garden reception to a high profile business park. It’s hugely exciting and we will soon be moulding from the original. SoccerPundit® is moments away from a soft launch. The website is all but done. Betty Norbury’s COCD was a great success and my new work Lightfalls received a favourable response. Other notable commissions were a complex curved Reception Desk for Mckay’s new building in Dacre Road opposite Scotland Yard.

June was a bit of a right off, as we all got depressed watching England flop in the World Cup. Having scored a large all dancing plasma tv specially for the action, it seemed way too real to watch Sven’s insipid reaction and Beck’s tears. Just about the only good England moment was Joe Cole’s goal. Swindon started well in Div 2, talked it up, sprung a few leaks and are now legging it everywhere but on the pitch. A weekend FA Cup fixture v. Carlisle is likely to go belly. On a sad note the much loved Spirit Seal has pushed on through.

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