100% Design went very well with good sales and orders and an excellent response to Scan & Go. Because of a bomb scare everyone was late and harassed on day 1, but Lally saved the day with an early call for 4 Sea breezes which greatly improved things. Sadly no one really took me up on the Cosmos. Quantum Physics dilemma of The Golden Mean and Planks length for a Superstring. If you want to download the calculations or discuss please e-mail me.

I had a huge gas climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with 3 mates. It's tough going at the top with less that 35% normal oxygen levels. I've come back with slight mountain blues, work seems less relevant and the FA have still failed to see their way clear to Terry Venables. Martyn took off for a weeks bird watching in Cornwall and Lee has been grafting on a cool dresser and a flood resistant chest of drawers for a basement flat in Maidenhead.

Johnny & Gavin high on the Summit

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