Our Voodoo Float for Pewsey Carnival with "Tequila Man" feeding Imogen

Pewsey Carnival is a blast, the whole town gets legless for about 3 days. In the Beer Race with 7 pubs, 150 teams of 3 and a load of wheelbarrows, Fred, Me and Robert had a total gas being a "water feature". We "featured" about 6 times before having a face off with David "Shaun" Blaine which resulted in the collapse of his Perspex box. We were about to turn it into an aquarium. With nearly 40 kids and adults on The Voodoo Float, everyone had a great time. Tequila Man's brother leant us some amazing masks from Central Africa to give it the authentic style.

The Celebration of Craftsmanship exhibition went off well and some top sales were achieved. My best of show was a wall cabinet by David Lilley with beautiful free form carved doors. I sold 2 light cones and shall be making a smaller version soon. We can't seem to make them quick enough. Pictures of my new work Twin Pears and Swing Wing are on the Commissions page. Work is good at the moment, I have been carving a huge entrance screen for Lord Bath in rippled sycamore. Designed by Claire Rendall, it's a fab project to be involved in.

3 weeks ago we had a works outing plus Freddy (his first ever game) to support Swindon v Luton. We were then challenging to go second behind Port Vale. We joked we might be seeing the team on the cusp of a relegation dive as we were losing 2 ace players who we have had on loan. The match ended 2-2, the ref should have been topped and we have had 5 straight losses since then and are now 14th. AAArrrghhh. Pork pie Mooney would even give Viduka a run for his money and lastly who's the shyest tackler in the Prem, Veron or The Shuffler Pires???

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