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Stained Birds Eye Maple and Black Granite

We have recently completed a fine commission above for a property company in Reading. As it was done in the holidays, my daughter, Bella, was doing some work experience and assisted in the fitting of the stone. We have been busy in the workshops getting the Tricentre Tables, which have arrived from Sweden, ready for a marketing push. They are now available for £775 inclusive of VAT and delivery and will be featured in the Commissions page at the next update

Celebration of Craftsmanship

Betty Norbury's show at Cheltenham was a great success. My Light Cones are going into two galleries and were very well received. It's strange not working for 100% Design, however having exhibited there for 7 years, it's gone a bit stale and I don't miss the pressure. I am busy on The Sphelix producing a loafing chair and creating 3D visualisations of products and architecture.

Beachy Head beckoned after the World Cup. After such good work in the first 42 minutes against Brazil, it was gutting to watch. We mentally went down the tunnel 2 minutes early and let them score. Catastrophic and unforgivable. We went to see Swindon on Wednesday night and they lost 2-1 to Wycombe. King and all the directors must go. Pewsey Carnival is nearly upon us so we will be building floats and drunken wheelbarrows. The Wine Race was last week so the Carnival spirit has already kicked off.

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