Les Kimo's campsite pitch in Guincho, Portugal

The Kimosabi Tour lasted an amazing 3 weeks in Portugal. They were the finest hosts for a footy tournament and I just wish the World Cup was relocated from Germany straight back to Portugal. We all had a fantastic time. Martyn & Lee arrived for the French game and drunk the campsite dry. Fresh from their UK pods they were voted as honorary Swedes after their 5-0 win against the GooGooGarians. The only bummer was Sven's defensive trench dug yet again just behind the 6 yard box. From being a fan I now think he's crap. Enough said.

Being back at work was a definate shock as Betty's show "The Celebration of Craftsmanship" was a pressing date. The show was a great success & I sold 3 Light Cones on the opening night. We have completed Lord Bath's Library Screen which looks cool and I hope to post a photo of that and his Millennium Bed, which we made a few years back, on the next update.

We have secured an excellent commission to make McKay Securities Reception Desk for their new development in Wimbledon. I am continuing to work on The Sphelix, casting some clear acrylic ones and making a new drive system for it. Soon we will be prepping up for Carnival & our float this year is Heaven & Hell.

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