Bronze Sphelix (edition #1/3) centrepiece of Space in Time

Its show time and we are all well beyond the tipping point. We had a 4 man team to lift the bronze sphelix weighing 350 kilos up the stairs to the 1st. floor gallery. Dream on, we didn’t even get it up 3 treads, the weld on the scissor trolley cracked and we all goldfished. I had to get in the pro’s with a cool spider like crane which just lobbed it up there with no sweat. Big thanks to Jonathan the owner of the Worx for his patience in getting it out. The opening night was good business, the work well received, a botched speech and a good buzz. Sadly the rest of the weekend was not. First thing on the sat was a cop telling me to take down the 2 big 3m high vinyl wraps which were draped around a pair of prominent trees on Parsons Green. He relented which was cool but we never got any real volume of passers by which is essential for getting new business. It was such a massive effort & thanks to everyone who helped and especially Steve who landed in from Ireland in the nick of time. Check out these links on the site to see more, especially when I go ass over t breaking the Rollerbum stool. It’s a you tube fav. And please can check out the exhibition photos.

Post show elation & depression were in variable measures and a fishing trip was needed. RTB was inaugurated by the Rod, Otis & Barbel in an attempt to learn how to catch bass from the seashore. Day 1 in some seriously hostile weather standing 3 ft deep in the surf, beechcasting, Barbel shipped water, Rod scored a schoolie and Otis a blank. A lot of our fishing was done in the pub and since then it has turned into a full blown obsession. Rest assured we are not threatening the species. More RTB news to follow.

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