Detail showing a reflection of The Lightfalls

The Lightfalls are 8ft high sculptural lightboxes made in kevazingo and rippled sycamore that has been stained with sharkskin blue. Where is the summer going if not up the twinky of a black cloud? Sales of Looner and Irie garden furniture have dwindled to nothing as opportunities to laze around in the garden are usually washed away with floods and high winds. My work at Betty Norbury's exhibition, C.O.C.D., at Cheltenham was well received and I had two buyers vying for The Kiss wall cupboard. Betty has also launched a full knobs and whistles coffee table book called "Bespoke", which could become the modern bible of furniture makers.

I was lucky enough to see Damien Hirst's "For The Love Of God" and despite the hype it's one hell of a powerful piece. Anthony Gormley's Blind Light is another amazing piece and I thoroughly recommend getting moist in the middle of it, shutting your eyes and spinning around and around. No need but it's fabulously disorientating.

The footy season has kicked off with glee or groans, depending on your side of the fence. Swindon up, Chelsea level and Man U firing blanks. Enough said on the footy. You can see a weekly blog and game update on my footy game.

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